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We Solve Tasks Of Any Complexity For More Than 14 Years. We Have Quite A Lot To Show!

We work with quality materials

Fabrics from European manufacturers: Italy, Germany, Belgium and Poland. Our designer will help to choose the best for You

Daytime curtain fabrics

We will select the fabric for you, taking into account features of your interior, colour and texture of your wallpaper, furniture and floor coating. There are a wide range of sheer and half-sheer fabrics with a print or embroidery, clenched fabric, monochromatic glossy or matted fabric in various colours.


Night-time curtains’ fabrics

There are glossy and velvet, light and heavy, clenched and sleek, printed or monochromatic fabrics. “Black out” fabrics in various colours for your bedroom or cinema hall. We have a wide range of cotton and PE linings, that will make your curtains opaque and bright sun beams persistent.


There are a wide range of Swedish bars that suit to any taste and budget. There are wooden, metal or plastic bars in our range and we are happy to help in choosing the right one, taking into account the design of your curtains. Decorative holders and tips will stress the style even more.



Accessories will make your curtains look finished and unrepeatable. We have decorative cords, fringe and brushes from German and Spanish manufacturers. Accessories come in sets by colours that makes decoration of the premises very easy in general (curtains, decorative pillows, covers, tablecloth).

Design is not for design

Our aim is to make comfort beautiful and cosy

LeRas salon

Our salon has more than 14 years of experience in curtains’ design and sewing. We are not afraid of complicated tasks, windows of complex and nonstandard configurations are our priority. Our rule is “Design is not for design, but for making comfort beautiful and cosy”.

We offer different solutions of texture design to your premises in general.

We will make a lampshade to your table-lamp from the same fabric that your curtains, we will add the decorative pillows and cover to your interior or even make a wall panel in the form of picture or pennant. We work both with private and commercial premises – restaurants, hotels, schools, offices, shops.


Our designer Jelena Marucek successfully decorates private and commercial premises for over 14 years.

Many years of experience in textile design allows her to establish contact with a client easily and fulfil his dreams into reality, taking into account all his wishes.

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We will answer all the questions you have and will be pleased to see you in our salon or to visit you at your place

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